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Sweet Corn

Integrated Pest Management Data Visualization Tool

Data providers create a human infrastructure for powering mapped representations of field collected catches by inputing trap catch data into a database. Geographic Information Systems and internet tools (Macromedia Flash) create interactive hierarchical maps enabling users to observe current and past conditions, and “drill down” to the point of interest. Maps are “clickable, enabling users to obtain the catch over time at any site and the maps can be advanced over time to show temporal patterns.

Maps are finalized for each week, but data flow in daily. Therefore, for the current week, the map shows the compiled newest information.


VA, MD, DE and NJ provide data from field-collected catches and PA, NY CT, MA, VT, NH and ME supply data from pheromone traps.

The Tool

Click here to access the Sweet Corn Intregated Pest Management Data Visualization Tool