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Fact Sheets
Information about insect pests and their natural enemies
Beneficial Insects
Cornell’s Guide to Biological Control
Common Rust of Sweet Corn - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Smut of Sweet Corn - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Stewart's Disease of Corn - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Virus Diseases of Sweet Corn: Virus Diseases - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Insect Pests
Asparagus Beetle
Bean Seed Maggot
Black Cutworms
Cabbage Maggot
Colorado Potato Beetle
Corn earworm on Sweet Corn
Corn earworm - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Corn flea beetle
Corn leaf aphid
Corn rootworm in sweet corn
Diamondback Moth
Early Season Soil Pests: Wireworms, White Grubs, Seedcorn Maggot Black Cutworms
European corn borer
European Corn Borer on Peppers
Fall armyworm
Fall armyworm - Cooperative Extension, Cornell Extension
Green Peach Aphid on Peppers
Onion Thrips
Pests of Vegetables
Potato Leafhopper
Seedcorn maggot
Squash Bug
Squash Vine Borer
Tarnished Plant Bug
Thrips on Cabbage
Cucurbit Insect Control
End of Season Clean-Up
Insect Control Strategies for Vine Crops
Insect Management in Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Thresholds
Treated seed for flea beetle and Stewart’s wilt management
Vegetable & Small Fruit Gazette
Commercial Vegetable Production Guide
Identifying Non-targets from Fall Armyworm Pheromone Captures
Instructions for Using Pheromone-Bated Traps for European Corn Borer,Corn Earworm and Fall Armyworm
Vegetable Insect Pest Management Sources of Information